Family Protection Insurance
My adviser understands my personal situation and change in my financial situation. He made contact with me to review my policies and update these to suit my new situation and family circumstances. He is open and honest. Every experience when dealing with them has been really positive.
— Anonymous client survey comment from one of our clients

Families come in all shapes and sizes

The one thing they all have in common is a special need to look after each other. Good health and financial security give a family the foundation to do this. However, we can’t always rely on good luck.

Fortify Financial can provide you with the extra foundation you need to look after your family. From income protection and life insurance to provisions for covering mortgage debt and high medical bills.

Our financial advice also covers mortgages, investments and superannuation so we can help you build your life together, whether you are buying a new property, planning a big family or an even bigger retirement! If you've got a question - let's have a chat.