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Now, ask yourself...

  • Are you a high quality and professional adviser who is ready to move into self employment?

  • Are you an existing high quality and professional self-employed adviser and struggle with your back office, which is hindering your growth?


If you answered yes to either of the above - you need to consider joining us.

We have availability all around Australia.

We are not a franchise, no. We are a cooperative of advisers who are self-employed, run our own business but happen to trade under the quality brand and name of Fortify Financial.

Fortify Financial can supply you with the following, in order for you to focus on what you do best, providing quality advice, servicing your existing clients and growing your business:

  • Licensing through one of the leading financial planning dealer groups in Australia

  • Professional indemnity insurance (through the licensee group cover)

  • Approved product list of quality platform, investment offerings and insurance providers

  • Research providers taken care of

  • Training and CPD tracking for your ongoing professional development

  • Fully functional and unlocked CMS (every module available for your use)

  • Complete back office systems and processes - nothing will get lost, compliance will be met and your business can grow without the chaos

  • Proven and complete end-to-end client engagement process - from initial contact, advice prep, implementation and review

  • Annual client communication calendar (such as topical newsletters)

  • Quality branding, sales tools, website and social media provided

  • Email and cloud file storage

  • Bookkeeping for your business - one less thing you have to do (optional at additional cost)

  • Ongoing training and advice regarding our systems, processes and for your support staff

  • Assistance and coaching with referral partners for your business


All of the above & more for a competitive fee.

Glen James - Founder & Managing Director of Fortify Financial

Glen James - Founder & Managing Director of Fortify Financial

"I wanted to make business easy for self-employed financial advisers. I wanted to provide what dealer groups say they provide - but don't! I do not want to own any of the adviser's clients or tell them when they should be working or not. The Fortify Financial offering is so unique in a way that it's a solution for self employed advisers without the mother of the brand or dealer group wanting a percentage of revenue. It's actually like a fee for service advice model." Glen James

Need some validation?

Check out these validated & bench marked results of anonymously surveyed clients (by trusted industry third party organisation, CoreData)*

  • Fortify Financial has a Net Promoter Score (NPS)** of 82.8 (industry average is 10)

  • Our clients told us they have an overall satisfaction with Fortify Financial of 95.8% (industry average is 80.6%)

  • 94.5% of clients would (and do!) refer their friends and family to Fortify Financial (industry average is 73.6%)

  • Fortify Financial has zero estranged clients (industry average is 15.9%)

  • Our support staff are rated 90.2% (industry average is 81.8%)

  • Our financial knowledge and expertise is rated 95.5% (industry average is 83.7%)

  • 0% of clients are currently considering moving to another adviser (industry average is 6.8%)


*In a recent third party anonymous survey (conducted by CoreData) Fortify Financial’s clients rate Fortify Financial as one of the best – and they benchmarked our results compared to the Financial Planning Industry (Australia wide).

 ** Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a global tool that is used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. For example, Apple has a NPS of 27 & ANZ bank is -16.2.

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