Small Business Succession
The team keeps me informed about important money issues that raise up in government and the economy. There are touch points even outside of the scheduled meetings which make me feel engaged and secure (e.g. I can ask any question at any time and it will be welcomed and answered in a timely manner, usually the same or next day.
— Anonymous client survey comment from one of our clients

So you're a small business

Small Business succession planning is basically establishing a Will for your business.  We work as a project manager between you & your business, your solicitor and accountant. We have access to specialist commercial solicitors who specialise in this area and work together to establish clear business succession strategies.

Does your business have:

  • More than one director

  • No clear exit plans in place

  • No clear expectations in place for working directors

  • Non-working or part time working spouses involved in the business

  • Concerns about being in business with your director’s spouse, if you died or became disabled

  • Key staff members who have an impact on the revenue of the business

  • Concerns about protection of your biggest asset (likely to be your business) from person litigation or bankruptcy

  • Loyal staff members who you want to engage and keep, without giving away ownership in the business

  • The feeling of a messy arrangement with loans in the business or personal assets being tied up within your business operations

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let’s chat. Our initial meeting is complimentary.