Fortify’s strengths are keeping calm and managing complexity. They take the pressure out of finances and communicate at my level what I need and how to achieve it. A first class service.
— Anonymous client survey comment from one of our clients

Everyone’s financial plan is different

Whether retirement is a long way off or drawing close, it is never too soon to take an interest in your future. Sound superannuation advice could be the difference between a comfortable early retirement and retiring with the knowledge that you could’ve done things better.

It’s so easy to feel removed from our superannuation funds – just an annual statement to remind us it’s there. But the benefits of getting up close and personal with your super cannot be overstated – let us explain how your super can work better for you NOW.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you currently salary sacrificing superannuation?

  • When did you last review your superannuation fund beneficiaries?

  • Do you understand the risk structure of your current superannuation investment?
    (For example, high growth funds often equal high risk – is that right for your age?)

  • If you are nearing retirement, do you have an investment protection strategy in place?

  • Do you currently have multiple superannuation funds, thereby, potentially reducing efficiency and increasing fees?

  • Have you considered paying life insurance premiums through your superannuation?

  • Are you confused by all the talk about ‘Self Managed Superannuation’?

  • Do you understand the relevance of compound returns?