Fortify’s strengths are keeping calm and managing complexity. They take the pressure out of finances and communicate at my level what I need and how to achieve it. A first class service.
— Anonymous client survey comment

We are different (in a good way)

You’ll realise straight away that we are different – no high-pressure sales, just genuine interest in you and what you want to achieve.  Our services are client focused with integrity and excellence in all we do, as well as respecting individuals and the communities in which we live and work.

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  • Get to know you and understand your goals

  • Be transparent about fees – there are no hidden fees or commissions

  • Give you honest and realistic financial advice

  • Ensure that you understand our financial advice and feel comfortable with the level of risk in your financial plan – we even have a ‘sleep at night’ test!

  • Use a third party custodian to manage your wealth

  • Ensure that you understand the important and dependent relationship between building, managing and protecting wealth

  • Adhere to the Association of Financial Advisers’ code of conduct.

  • Put your best interests first.



  • Pressure you to agree to our recommendations – in fact, we will encourage you to read and understand the advice given at your leisure

  • Encourage you to borrow money for highly speculative investments

  • Act as stock brokers or time the market looking for short term gains – we believe you should invest when you have the money and sell when you need the money

  • Overstep the boundaries that apply to financial planners, both legislatively and morally.